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LJ Art Collection is by Laila, who's a wife, mother of three, and a self-taught artist based in New Jersey. With her father working in the art business and being a collector, Laila has grown to use art as a creative and therapeutic outlet for herself. In recent years, Laila began selling her pieces both independently as well as in galleries such as the Lilac Gallery in New York City and the Denis Leon Gallery in Boca Raton, Fl.


FE{MALE} - Ria Gallery

3/16/2023 - 5/1/2023

The FE{MALE} exhibition featured a multifaceted group of ten artists whose work dances between figurative gestures and the vast terrain of abstraction. The exhibition examined each artist's relationship to color, form, texture, line, and value, the six elements of abstract art. 

The exhibition presented their artistic practice not just from a gender perspective but from the historically aggrieved position and place of women artists in art history. Offering a space for minority voices, FE{MALE} presented this group as artists in their own right, brimming with layers of complexities and contrasting narratives.

One of the standout pieces from the show was titled "Come Together," measuring 50x50. Laila's work explores themes of love and unity, and "Come Together" is a striking example of her style.

Art Expo New York Art Fair

3/30/2023 - 4/2/2023

Laila, an artist represented by Lilac Gallery NYC, recently showcased her signature pieces at the Art Expo in New York. Her exhibition consisted of three pieces, namely "Our Happy Place," "Fly Away With Me," and "Come Together," which were created using a unique blend of acrylic paint, maps, and acetate materials.

One of Laila's distinctive styles is her hand-cutting of the maps and acetate in the shape of butterflies, which adds an ethereal quality to her artwork. Her pieces are a reflection of her personal experiences and emotions, and she aims to evoke similar feelings in her viewers.

Laila's artwork has garnered significant attention and recognition in recent years, and her exhibition at the Art Expo in New York was no exception. The Lilac Gallery NYC provided a perfect platform for her to showcase her talent and reach a wider audience. Visitors were impressed by her intricate techniques and the delicate beauty of her pieces. Overall, Laila's exhibition was a resounding success, and she is set to continue to make her mark on the contemporary art scene.

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